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All You Need To Know About Rattan Lamp

by Cynthia

A rattan lamp can be used to easily transform the design of any space. Since it is made from a natural source, it gives off an earthy and natural style to any interior design. Unlike regular lamps, these rattan lamps are versatile and can be hung, placed as table lamps, or just used as a centerpiece light design.

The post answers some random questions about rattan in general and rattan lamps.

What is rattan?

This best way to begin the post is by giving a proper overview of what rattan material truly is. Rattan is a thin, flexible fiber from Palm trees. Among their many uses, they’re made famous for the beautiful furniture they made. As a natural fiber, if not well treated, it can be subject to mildew and mold as a result of moisture effect. Rattan is used for making outdoor and indoor furniture, as well as lighting.

How popular are rattan lamps as interior design?

Rattan has generally become popular for use in interior designs. They are added in spaces looking for a natural style. Rattan lamps are actually more popular than many people give them credit for. They add uniqueness to the room, but are mostly used when the room’s theme is coastal, natural, or tropical styles.

Are rattan lamps cheap?

When compared to most other lamp materials, rattan lamps are relatively cheap. As a versatile material, it is easily made into different shapes and sizes. This offers a wide range of pricing options for them. They are good souvenir gifts when visiting certain regions of the world. To get them cheaper, look for a local rattan making store or buy from recognized and reputable suppliers online.

Can rattan lamps be incorporated into existing interior designs?

Rattan lamps are not generally picky, but they work best with certain interior d├ęcor. Since they come from natural fibers they often blend in a space with a simple and clean theme. Bright and multicolored spaces may not go well with them. If possible, try to paint the space to a neutral colour. Since rattan lamps often act as the main attraction in most spaces, you may want to reduce the number of decorative items in a room if you decide to place a large rattan pendant. These rattan pendants work best with simple basket designs and rugs.

What rattan lamp size is perfect for use?

There’s no pre-defined size of rattan lamps that would fit into any room space. The size of the room and the number of rattan lamp lights you want to incorporate would determine the right size for each lamp. The most practical way to measure this is to determine the room’s measurement.

For instance, hanging a rattan pendant in the kitchen would mean it should be positioned on top of the middle kitchen table counter, (if it has one). Center the rattan pendant as best as you can. If you want to add more than one pendant, ideally, they should be spaced about 25 inches apart and well centralized to the kitchen counter’s position.


Rattan lamps add beauty to any space they are included. Rattan as a natural material is made from Palm tree fibers. It comes with the characteristic strength and durability of palm trees. When rattan lamps are used as interior designs, they neither do best with overly bright colors and multiple decorations. They are designed to be the center of attraction like with rattan pendant lights.

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